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Retirement Plan Ratings for Employers

A retirement plan is one of the most compelling benefits you can offer to attract and retain a quality workforce, and by offering a 401(k) or similar qualified retirement plan, you are making a generous commitment to contribute to the future financial security of your employees.  

But you are also assuming an important and serious fiduciary responsibility.  

Retirement Plan Ratings is an independent market research firm founded to support employers (retirement plan sponsors) who offer retirement plan benefits to their employees.   Our mission is to help retirement plan sponsors bring effective stewardship to their plans, meet their fiduciary obligations to plan participants, and mitigate potential liability. 

Retirement Plan Ratings does not sell or endorse any retirement plan provider or product.  Through Retirement Plan Ratings employers can gain access to our nationwide network of independent retirement plan consultants - recognized professionals with the proven ability to provide an un-biased assessment of an employer’s current retirement plan, plan fees, the quality and appropriateness of their investment options, and make recommendations on improvements employers should consider to improve outcomes for those who participate. 

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